Partnering to Strengthen Tech Talent in the Capital Region

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The Capital Region’s people are its greatest asset. Ensuring that people across the region can access and acquire the skills that employers need, and that the region attracts and retains skilled workers, is an essential component of our economic competitiveness. For the Capital Region, it must start with the digital technology skills that increasingly support a broad array of employers and industries, including areas of potential advantage that can fuel future growth.

Capital CoLab

An unparalleled university-business partnership

The Capital CoLAB (Collaborative of Leaders in Academia and Business) is a first-of-its-kind alliance of university and business leaders who have come together to take action to strengthen the Capital Region. The CoLAB is currently working to enhance digital technology education through development and expansion of the Partnership's Digital Technology Credentials.
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Strengthening Tech Talent
in the Capital Region

Reinforces why digital tech talent matters for our region’s economic success, identifies key challenges affecting our cybersecurity workforce and proposes five strategies to strengthen our digital tech workforce overall.

Our region’s largest economic opportunity

Developing and employing the workers who are skilled in digital technology in its various forms is the region’s largest economic opportunity. Together with employers, educators, government and other stakeholders, the Greater Washington Partnership aims to advance policies and initiatives that will accelerate the development, attraction and retention of digital tech talent.


  • Scale best practices to grow the pipeline of STEM talent in high school and subsequent enrollment in postsecondary education.
  • Clarify employer demand signals to motivate educators and job seekers.
  • Create experiential learning programs to allow graduates to obtain practical skill development prior to joining the workforce.
  • Define and communicate a unified regional message that conveys our digital tech leadership.
  • Develop a focused approach to create a digital tech product ecosystem in the Capital Region by supporting product startups and talent.