Join us in advancing transportation solutions to strengthen the Capital Region.

The Capital Region’s unparalleled strengths have translated into the creation of what is now an increasingly interconnected super-region that is a major player in the global economy. But with this growth come real challenges.

Mobility is critical to an efficient, productive and prosperous regional economy– it expands our options for employment and housing; it enables the connection of people, ideas and innovation; and it shapes our quality of life.

Advancing Our Region: Preface to a Blueprint for Regional Mobility

Preface report provides high-level insights into the region’s transportation system and a baseline assessment of how we perform against the four mobility priorities.
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the region's transportation can improve

Working closely with our region’s many stakeholders, the Greater Washington Partnership aims to elevate and help accelerate bold solutions, as well pragmatic answers, that will change our mobility trajectory on four priorities:

Connect the Super-Region

Through faster, more reliable and robust transportation options, we will create a more closely connected super-region – starting by connecting the major downtown activity centers of Baltimore, Washington and Richmond – that maximizes the economic benefits of expanded access to talent, housing, and intellectual and social amenities.

Improve the Consumer Experience

Through an expanded, modernized, and coordinated network of transportation options cutting across our region’s jurisdictional boundaries, travel to and from daily destinations will be seamless and reliable, resulting in greater productivity and higher quality of life.

Ensure Equitable Access

Through affordable and diverse transportation options, every resident of the Capital Region – regardless of his or her community – will have access to the employment, education and healthcare opportunities that enable economic mobility and opportunity.

Integrate Innovation

By encouraging and enabling the consistent, seamless and rapid adoption of mobility innovations across the region and its jurisdictional boundaries, we will enable and accelerate a highly connected super-region, an improved consumer experience, and more equitable access for all.
Be part of the solution. Tell us how you think
the region's transportation can improve